What is the real cost of running your own ecommerce business?

If you’re thinking about starting your own eCommerce business, you might be wondering what the true cost of running a business is. It’s hard to answer that question, since it depends on so many factors. However, there are some ways to estimate the costs of running an eCommerce store. Here are some tips for estimating your start-up costs and how long it will take operating before your eCommerce business starts earning revenue.

Start-up Costs

Your start-up costs will depend on a variety of factors, but one helpful way to estimate how much it will cost to start your own eCommerce store is to look at the cost of your website. Pricing a custom eCommerce website is impossible, but using standard themes vastly reduces the cost especially if using a freelance website developer with plenty of websites like Fiverr offering services.

If you want to host your website with a company like Shopify, they offer three options for packages based on requirements. While this is good for the non-technical people who just want to sell. There are alternative platforms like WordPress or Magento.

That gives you a sense of what your costs may be as you start up your eCommerce business. And, if you choose a longer commitment plan, it’ll be cheaper in the long run. Once you make a passive income you will be able to reinvest into your web platform.

How long it will take before your eCommerce business starts earning revenue

The first thing you need to know is how long it will take before your eCommerce business starts earning revenue. There are so many variables here, but in general, it’s safe to say that the longer you wait to start selling products, the less time it will take to see your business actually making money.

The reason for this is that ecommerce platforms like Shopify have three main costs associated with them: Monthly hosting fees, transaction fees, and payment processing fees.

Monthly hosting fees are what keeps your customers coming back to your website or mobile app. These fees include bandwidth cost, file storage cost, and data transfer cost. Transaction fees are what enables you to process credit card payments through services like Stripe or Paypal. Payment processing fees are what enable you to accept other forms of payment like Apple Pay or Bitcoin.

When these costs go up due to increased traffic or sales volume, your monthly revenue may also increase accordingly—but at a slower rate than the increase in these monthly costs. The good news is that once these costs stabilize after a few months of use, you should be able to start turning a profit on your own ecommerce business!

What are the different ways to make money with an eCommerce store?

The most common ways to make money with an ecommerce store are through online advertising, monthly subscriptions, and products being sold.

If you want to make money through advertising on your website, you need to have a significant enough traffic flow that it makes sense for advertisers. This is typically only possible when you have a large audience size.

Another way to make money is by asking for monthly subscriptions from your customers in exchange for exclusive access to special offers.

You can also use ecommerce stores as an extension of brick-and-mortar stores by selling their products online.

marketing strategy

How to maximize profit with marketing

Marketing is the most important aspect of ecommerce success. While there’s no way to control how many people see your products, you can control how much they know about them and how likely they are to buy.

It’s important to get your marketing right from the start because if you wait until your store starts to generate revenue, it’ll be too late.

It all comes down to knowing your customer and what they’re looking for when they visit an ecommerce store.

This will help you create a marketing strategy that will work for you and your product. It might cost a little more money in the beginning, but this investment will eventually pay off when customers start buying from you.

If you have a product that doesn’t sell well, it’s not going to make a difference in the long run. If customers don’t know about your products or what benefits they offer, they won’t buy them, regardless of how amazing they are!


Starting your own ecommerce business is not always the best idea. It is important to know what costs are involved in running one. When you are starting out, there are many costs to take into consideration. Some of these include start-up costs, the amount of time it will take before your business starts earning revenue, and what are the different ways to make money with an ecommerce store. It is also important to know how to maximize profit with marketing for your ecommerce business. The better you are at marketing, the more customers you will get and the more revenue you will make.

The cost of running your own ecommerce business is not always easy to predict. However, it is important to plan for upfront costs to be able to successfully operate it in the future.