Oxford City Council Elections 2022 announced

The Oxford City Council election results have been announced with the Labour party maintaining control but the Green Party gaining 3 seats (two from Labour and an independent candidate). The polls were open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday May 5th, with a 39% voter turnout.

The total candidates elected were:

  • Labour – 15
  • Liberal Democrats – 4
  • Green Party – 4
  • Independent – 1

Seat Winners

Barton and Sandhill wardMike ROWLEYLabour and Cooperative Party
Blackbird Leys wardRae HUMBERSTONELabour Party
Carfax and Jericho wardAlex HOLLINGSWORTHLabour and Cooperative Party
Churchill wardSusan BROWNLabour Party
Cowley wardMohammed LATIFLabour Party
Cutteslowe and Sunnymead wardLaurence FOUWEATHERLiberal Democrat
DonningtonRosie RAWLEGreen Party
HeadingtonChris SMOWTONLiberal Democrat
Headington Hill and Northway wardBarbara COYNELabour Party
Hinksey Park wardNaomi WAITELabour Party
Holywell wardEdward MUNDYLabour Party
Littlemore wardTiago CORAISLabour Party
Lye Valley wardAjaz REHMANLabour and Cooperative Party
Marston wardAlistair MORRISGreen Party
Northfield BrookHosnieh DJAFARILabour Party
Osney and St. Thomas wardLois MUDDIMANGreen Party
Quarry and Risinghurt wardChewe MUNKONGELabour Party
Rose Hill Iffley wardEdward TURNERLabour Party
St. Clement’s wardJemima HUNTLabour Party
St. Mary’s wardEmily KERRGreen Party
Summertown wardKatherine MILESLiberal Democrat
Temple Cowley wardSaj MALIKIndependent
Walton Manor wardAnn UPTONLabour Party
Wolvercote wardJo SANDELSONLiberal Democrat


Full Results by Ward

Barton and Sandhill ward

Mike ROWLEYLabour and Cooperative Party603
Chaka ARTWELLIndependent220
Jack MATTHEWSLocal Conservatives178
Paul ROGERSLiberal Democrat122


Blackbird Leys ward

Rae HUMBERSTONELabour Party625
Thomas KILEYGreen Party72
Alexandrine KANTORLiberal Democrat68


Carfax and Jericho ward

Alex HOLLINGSWORTHLabour and Cooperative Party802
Sarah EDWARDSGreen Party363
Kai PISCHKELiberal Democrat168
David POPELocal Conservatives95


Churchill ward

Susan BROWNLabour Party664
Jennifer SAUNDERSLocal Conservatives166
Duncan WATTSGreen Party153
Pippa HITCHCOCKLiberal Democrat97


Cowley ward

Mohammed LATIFLabour Party978
David HENWOODIndependent686
Steven ROGERSGreen Party195
Kate KETTLELocal Conservatives124
Andy WILKINSLiberal Democrat53


Cutteslowe and Sunnymead ward

Laurence FOUWEATHERLiberal Democrat1184
Bart VAN ESLabour Party476
Jennifer JACKSONLocal Conservatives279
John FOXGreen Party195



Rosie RAWLEGreen Party792
Roushin BAGDASHLabour Party623
Mohammed AZADIndependent459
Simon BAZLEYLocal Conservatives73
Peter COGGINSLiberal Democrat38



Chris SMOWTONLiberal Democrat1057
Trish ELPHINSTONELabour Party818
Paul SIMSLocal Conservatives157
Ray HITCHENSGreen Party141


Headington Hill and Northway ward

Barbara COYNELabour Party750
Peter WESTIndependent462
Kate ROBINSONGreen Party141
Georgina GIBBSLocal Conservatives94
Joanna STEELELiberal Democrats94


Hinksey Park ward

Naomi WAITELabour Party1118
Janet HALLGreen Party369
Rick TANNERLiberal Democrat211
Simon HOWELLLocal Conservatives109


Holywell ward

Edward MUNDYLabour Party497
Dianne REGISFORDGreen Party364
Janey LITTLELiberal Democrat140


Littlemore ward

Tiago CORAISLabour Party718
Sadiea MUSTAFA-AWANIndependent557
Daniel STAFFORDLocal Conservatives186
Davide THOMASGreen Party106
Julia GODDARDLiberal Democrat55


Lye Valley ward

Ajaz REHMANLabour and Cooperative Party546
Judith HARLEYIndependent462
Stephen HURTGreen Party134
Tim PATMORELocal Conservatives120
Eleonore VOGELLiberal Democrat59


Marston ward

Alistair MORRISGreen Party1085
Charlotte VINNICOMBELabour Party839
Duncan HATFIELDLocal Conservatives309
Adam POVEYLiberal Democrat74


Northfield Brook

Hosnieh DJAFARILabour Party591
Fay SIMSLocal Conservatives124
David NEWMANGreen Party74
Beatrice MORLINLiberal Democrat61


Osney and St. Thomas ward

Lois MUDDIMANGreen Party907
Colin COOKLabour Party885
Kate WATSONLocal Conservatives111


Quarry and Risinghurt ward

Chewe MUNKONGELabour Party1343
Andrew STEELELiberal Democrat584
Mark BHAGWANDINLocal Conservatives231
Madeline LINNELLGreen Party188


Rose Hill Iffley ward

Edward TURNERLabour Party858
Michael EVANSIndependent516
Alexander POWELLGreen Party254
Gary DIXONLocal Conservatives118
Catherine BEARDERLiberal Democrat86


St. Clement’s ward

Jemima HUNTLabour Party635
Amir Steve ALIIndependent292
Colin ALDRIDGEGreen Party284
Graham JONESLiberal Democrat98
Patricia JONESLocal Conservatives47


St. Mary’s ward

Emily KERRGreen Party893
Mustafa BARCHOLabour Party574
John SKINNERIndependent435
Josie PROCTERLiberal Democrat70


Summertown ward

Katherine MILESLiberal Democrat955
Christopher HULLLabour Party738
Mark BEERLocal Conservatives229
Indrani SIGAMANYGreen Party138


Temple Cowley ward

Saj MALIKIndependent841
Simon OTTINOLabour Party709
Matthew LEDBURYGreen Party110
Tony BRETTLiberal Democrat57
Madelein DEWARLocal Conservatives56


Walton Manor ward

Ann UPTONLabour Party862
Liz WADELiberal Democrat485
Peter THOMPSONGreen Party196
Penelope LENONLocal Conservatives153


Wolvercote ward

Jo SANDELSONLiberal Democrat964
Andrew SIANTONASLabour Party363
Robin MORRISENLocal Conservatives238
Philippa LANCHBERRYGreen Party165