Oxford Brookes Paramedic Students provide First Aid Training for Junior Active Leaders

Active Leaders, a nationwide programme that teaches young people leadership skills, has teamed up with Oxford Brookes Paramedic Science undergraduates, to provide first aid and CPR training on its courses.

This Autumn, the university’s Paramedic Society has attended Junior Active Leader courses for 9-11 year old pupils across Oxfordshire, demonstrating CPR, discussing how to help people in emergencies, using a defibrillator and managing cuts and bruises. The pupils have the chance to practice on dummies to gain confidence and understanding.

This initiative is part of Active Leaders’ objective in providing young people with life skills as they move forward in their education and on into the workplace. The programme is being co-ordinated by the Oxford Brookes students, to help them gain valuable employability skills of communication, organisation, teamwork and reliability.

First Aid Training with Brookes

Matthew Catterell, Oxford Brookes’ Principal Lecturer and Programme Lead for Paramedic Science said:

We are delighted to support Active Leaders, delivering first-aid and life saving resuscitation skills to school children. The Paramedic Science students are demonstrating professionalism, leadership and public engagement skills which are essential to their future professional career.

Penny Snowden, CEO of Active Leaders commented:

We have been really impressed by the Oxford Brookes’ students’ planning and preparation for each first aid session. They have encouraged and motivated the pupils during the training and shown a really professional approach. We plan to extend this collaboration to our Active Leader courses, which might also inspire some of our Active Leaders to consider a career in paramedicine. We are thrilled to be able to provide further assistance to the personal development of young people.

Active Leaders runs Junior Active Leader courses for Years 5-8, Active Leader courses for years 9+ and a new University Active Leader programme is being rolled out. Courses use fun activity as a conduit to developing resilience, confidence and leadership. Students are involved in risk management, safeguarding, First aid, activity and event delivery, creativity, marketing and budgeting. It is the only course of its kind which provides a personal reference focusing on employability skills.

Courses are accredited by CIMSPA.

For further information on Oxford Brookes Paramedic Science, please contact https://www.brookes.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate/paramedic-science