Four 2022 Website Trends Oxford Businesses Can Learn From

Do you have an Oxfordshire based business that could do with a bleeding edge website design? There are lots of web design trends to choose from, but we’ve picked out the ones that we think will carry on from 2022 and into 2023 with gusto. Take a look at our picks for the most up to date website design trends that you should learn from.

Optimising For Mobile

The reality of a website designer’s position is that, no matter how lovingly you create that backdrop, spread the menu, animate the motions, at least half the visitors to the site aren’t going to see it that way. These users will be accessing the website via their smartphones, so it’s important to design your site so it works well on a smaller screen. It should be easy to navigate even compressed down to a few inches, stylish, and clear.

Not only will this mean that less users get annoyed enough to leave after a quick scroll, but it will help your SEO. Getting in contact with an SEO company in Oxford for some support will be your best bet. Their expertise will take you a long way towards your goal.

One-Page Websites

Of course, you can simplify a lot of things (design, SEO, bounce rate, engagement, etc.) with a one-page website. The user simply lands and scrolls, seeing everything you have to offer as they go. However, these websites are better suited to a subject that is more niche, like if your business has a small amount of products/services, or you’re making a portfolio or presentation.

Collage Illustration

A lot of design trends came and went in 2022, but one that we can see going on into 2023 is the collage illustration design trend. For one thing, it’s very hard to get wrong. The rules to collage are pretty minimal. Some cohesion in colour and size appreciated, but not all the same either. Aside from that, go nuts. It can be a great way to show off your team or a selection of products without distracting from what the page’s function is. It also offers a fun and quirky foot forward in your design, which can be great when endearing to those users that are looking for more authenticity from their brands.

Gender Neutral Design

It is an age where Gen Z/Millennials are breaking more and more and more gender conventions. Some go so far as to decide not to have kids, some simply want to be a male wearing makeup. This all leads to the language of colour and design becoming questioned even more. Why are pastels only for products aimed at women? Why does every male beauty product need to be black?

Some website designers of 2022 decided those rules were out the window. And it makes sense. Why would you only market a shaving kit to men when there are plenty of women who will use it? Not to mention the swathes of people who identify as both, neither, and everything in between.

When seeking out the web design trends of 2023 we are looking for eye-catching and interactive web pages that grab the users attention quickly and ensure that the web page offers users the direct impact they want when browsing.

The user experience is key to up to date trends in web design and an instant impact will give you a head start against your competitors. Knowing which trends will be big in 2023 is just the start of you design ideology.