California dream for Pacific Ocean rowers

Megan Hoskin, 34, originally from Eynsham, and her two crewmates will attempt to become the first ever crew of three – male or female – to row across the Pacific Ocean.

June’s daunting Great Pacific Race from California to Hawaii will demand everything Megan has, physically and mentally.

The endeavour will consist of relentless rowing through day and night, 30ft waves, blisters, potential capsizing and dangers posed by sharks or whales.

Megan, a keen mountaineer, said: “Although we are training for this physical challenge with nothing but absolute dedication, we believe that success will rest largely on our mental strength, collective self-belief, and the ability to be comfortable in incredibly uncomfortable situations.”

She added: “We are not elite rowers, although there is solid experience among the crew.

“Each of us are adventurers, who in numerous different ways have pushed ourselves to extremes and have faced and thrived in a vast number of challenging situations and succeeded against adversity.”

The crew anticipate the journey will take between 50 and 65 days, depending on weather conditions.

In attempting the arduous row, they are aiming to set multiple new world records, inspire others, raise money for the charity Mind and increase awareness of the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.

The specialist ocean rowing boat Megan and her crewmates will use is called Danielle. It currently holds the world record for the fastest crossing of the Pacific Ocean.

The boat is just 25 feet long and the three women will live and row onboard for the duration of the race.

Megan said: “There is one small cabin for storage at the bow of the boat, and one small cabin for accommodation at the stern. You can barely sit, let alone stand or stretch.”

Megan lived in Eynsham from a toddler until moving to London after university. However, her family still lives there, she visits a lot and says “I very much see Eynsham as my home”.

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