Witney-based company storms to victory in internet awards

Storm Internet based in Eynsham Road, has been awarded Best Host 2017 and Best Cloud Service 2017 at the 19th annual UK Internet Industry Awards, hosted by the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA).

Storm Internet was short-listed for four categories – Best Business Customer Service, Security Award, Best Host and Best Cloud Service – having won the latter two which were some of the most hotly contested and prestigious of all of the night’s awards.

For the Best Host award, the judges were particularly impressed by Storm Internet’s customer escalation, encryption and sustainability through offsetting carbon emissions. They sighted offering value for money with innovative pricing, free content distribution network and a modern virtualisation policy as the deciding factors that won the Best Cloud Service award, which Storm Internet now retains for a second year running.

Salim Benadel, CEO and founder of Storm Internet said: “As a small company up against some of the leading industry giants, this is testament to our focus on innovation and genuine desire to offer the most comprehensive yet flexible hosting and cloud solutions for our customers.

“We view every customer’s requirements as unique and shape a solution around their needs. This is what makes us different and we’re absolutely delighted and honoured to be recognised for our work by the ISP industry through these two prestigious award.”

The ISPA Awards are a celebration of the diversity of the sector and provide an opportunity to reflect on the past year, including the passing of the Investigatory Powers Act, increased investment in broadband networks and rollout, high profile cyber-attacks, online safety and more.