Why you should consider living in Oxfordshire

    Known for its mix of the bustling city and remarkable open landscapes, Oxfordshire is a county like no other. This area is perfect for all ages, including families looking for a place to raise their children, students and young people looking to enjoy the night-time scene, and couples looking for somewhere to call their forever home. Here’s why you should consider living in Oxfordshire.

    High quality of living

    With renting costing 40% less and buying costing 43% less than in London, the cheaper cost of housing in Oxfordshire skyrockets the county’s quality of living. There are also plenty of new build houses in Oxford which makes it easy to relocate here and quickly make use of the perks. We’ll discuss it more down below, but the balance of city, town and countryside drives the fantastic standard of living in Oxfordshire.

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    Oxford is easily commutable from London

    Easy access to London and Birmingham 

    With London and Birmingham just an hour away on the train, Oxfordshire is perfect for those that want to earn a high salary, but also take advantage of the lower cost of living outside of the big cities. On top of being well connected by train routes, there’s also a 24-hour luxury coach, seven days a week that connects Oxford to the capital.

    Exceptional educational facilities

    The extraordinary educational facilities in Oxfordshire make it an ideal location for those that want to study further, or are searching for a place to raise a family. Oxfordshire is home to two world-famous universities; The University of Oxford is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world and has an impressive set of alumni that features 26 British Prime Ministers and 50 Nobel Prize winners.

    As well as these two prestigious universities, Oxfordshire has brilliant schools. Not only has the county got GCSE pass rates above the national average, but it also has above-average key stage one and two scores. Both are great reasons to consider moving here.

    The Manger at Uffington
    The Manger at Uffington

    Balance of town life and countryside

    While famous for its historic market towns, the countryside is never far away in Oxfordshire. Just a ten-minute drive from the centre of Oxford will find you with the county’s sprawling greens at your feet. Equally, there are plenty of parks in the city of Oxford to take a stroll, as well as beautiful canals where you can get stuck in with the traditional pastime of punting.

    There are many reasons why Oxfordshire makes such a great place to live. Whether it’s the proximity to London and Birmingham, the high quality of living, or even the fact that the county offers the perfect blend of town and country, Oxfordshire is the perfect next destination for families, young people, and couples on the move.