What To Wear For The Gym

A gym is a place where you can get your body in shape and stay healthy. It comes with so many benefits for the body. You can maintain your weight, strengthen your muscles, lose excess fat, and increase your stamina by going regularly. But before you actually hit that treadmill or start lifting weights, you need to know what to wear to the gym.

Wearing the right gym attire while working out helps you feel more comfortable and increases your performance. If you are looking forward to starting a new workout routine at the gym, it’s best to check out what other people wear there beforehand.

We asked streetwear and athleisure expert Chloe Safilo for some advice on what to wear when going to the gym so that you feel more confident. Read on for some helpful information.

Make sure you have the right footwear for your workout to support your ankles

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What To Wear For The Gym when working out


It is wise to replace your running shoes every 480 to 800 miles, depending on how often you run. If the treads are worn down or starting to come apart, you should probably recycle or donate your old shoes and purchase a new pair.

It’s vitally important to wear the right footwear whether you’re doing cardio or strength training. Lightweight trainers with support and cushioning are best for high-impact workouts such as running. This applies for both men’s trainers and women’s trainers where ankle support and a cushioned sole will be gentler on your feet.

Invest in cycling or spinning shoes, dance trainers, and other supportive flat shoes for weight training. Make sure you have the right footwear for your workout to avoid injury. 

Trousers, Shorts and Leggings

When exercising, it is best to wear wear clothing that are made from breathable fabrics and easy to stretch in. Wearing elastic waistbands ensures that your clothing will not restrict you. Your workout clothing should support you, keeping you comfortable and cool. Yoga pants are a popular choice for all-rounders.

Leggings, shorts, baggy trousers, and other options are all available, but make sure they are appropriate for your activity. When exercising on the treadmill, choose dry-material joggers or running shorts. For men, choose shorts that sit just above the knee so that they do not impede your progress.

You shouldn’t flash other gym goers with short shorts, nor catch your baggy trousers on the exercise bike. You have to make sure that you feel comfortable in the gym wear that you choose before hitting your session.
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Gym Wear Tops

For women

It doesn’t matter whether you wear a sports bra under a T-shirt or a fitted top with built-in support. It will both keep you more comfortable during your workout and help prevent your breast tissue from stretching and tearing, thereby reducing sagging and stretch marks.

When trying on different types of bras, seek comfort, support, and breathable material. Sports bras that fits well will minimize breast movement when you jump or run, and will not distract you from your workout.

Compression bras are ideal for people with small breasts (A to B cup) who desire to minimize bounce during physical activity. For higher-impact activities, choose a sports bra without individual cups, which are designed to keep breasts near the chest.

Choose an encapsulation sports bra with built-in individual cups if you have large breasts. A bra with wider straps that distribute weight evenly is beneficial if you have large breasts. Be careful about leakage, as you want sufficient coverage both in the front and the sides.

Knixwear is the only brand in this roundup that employs ‘leakproof’ technology—an absorbent capacity of up to three teaspoons of liquid that allows leggings, shorts, or panties to absorb without any leakage whatsoever.Chloe Safilo

For men

Loose-fitting tops are a smart choice for workout wear, not too baggy or excessively tight. Pack items in your gym bag that enable you to be able to move your arms freely.

Avoid overheating and sweat by sticking to breathable fabrics when exercising. Your choices in clothing are limited only by your own personal tastes, as long as they don’t interfere with your movement or too thick to make you sweat excessively.


It is common for us to wear the same underwear all day at work, but wearing the wrong materials on your most sensitive areas when you go to the gym can irritate and cause rashes. Avoid thong and lace material ladies, and men, make sure your private area is adequately supported to prevent excessive movement and potential reproductive organ damage.


Sports socks have become thinner and more durable while still providing the right amount of cushioning at the ball and heel of the foot. Just like your workout clothes, select socks made from moisture-resistant materials that can help keep your feet from getting sweaty and smelly.

There are several styles of ankle socks to select from to bring, ranging from those that sit just under your ankle bone to crew socks that sit several inches above it. Runners frequently wear compression socks, which increase blood flow to their legs. They can also help reduce swelling and muscle soreness as a result of their post-workout recovery benefits.


There are many gym wear accessories to choose from, including belts and straps, as well as gloves and hats. Gloves for weightlifting can help preserve your skin, and straps may hold your music player or phone if necessary. Accessories are beneficial whether they are used for style or comfort or safety.

Feel Great and Comfortable in your Gym Attire

At the end of the day, you want to feel and look good in the gym. The right gym clothing will motivate and support you into hitting your personal PBs while looking great. But if you wear clothes and feel self conscious it could have the opposite effect on your performance. Choose to dress in a fashion that reflects who you are, whether that be covering up or showing off.