Ways to modernise your bathroom

Are you looking to give your bathroom a spruce-up? Whether you’re planning a full renovation or more of a simple refresh, here are some of the ways you can modernise your bathroom whilst keeping its functionality and style.

Separate your bath and shower

Dependent on the space you have to work with, having a separate bath and shower is a practical and stylish way to modernise your bathroom. Upgrading to a shower enclosure means less cleaning required as you won’t need to clean a bath that potentially doesn’t get much use.

If you don’t have room for both, consider whether only having a shower enclosure or a walk-in shower could work for you, this can be really effective in smaller bathrooms and is also useful for accessibility. Look for complimenting bathroom furniture sets to use the extra space wisely.

Upgrade your lighting

Lighting is key for a bathroom, especially if you use it as a space to get ready in. As with any room, the best option for lighting is to have multiple different light sources and choices for different situations. Light-up mirrors are popular for a reason and are perfect for doing makeup or skin care.

For your overhead lighting, look into getting lights that can be dimmed, this may involve installing a dimmer switch, or even better using smart lighting that can easily be controlled via your phone. Dimmable lighting is great for creating a calm atmosphere whilst you are having a bath but allowing enough bright light when you are getting ready or showering.

new bathroom with lighting

Re-tile and grout

Re-tiling and re-grouting your bathroom can have a major impact on its overall look. Take some time to explore different tile styles to see what would work best in your space. Be sure to also opt for a grout colour that is going to be easy to clean to avoid having to be constantly scrubbing to get it to look nice.

Bold tiles make a real impact so being brave with your tile choice and going more neutral with colours elsewhere in the room creates a really succinct and beautiful room.


One of the reasons many of us don’t particularly like our bathrooms is because of the number of products on display. Installing additional storage is a good way to remove this problem.

Consider how different smart storage solutions could work for you. Make sure to think about usability when designing your storage, there is no point having all the products you use daily tucked away in a cabinet, instead consider display boxes for regularly used items.

It isn’t just toiletries that need to be stored away, toilet roll and cleaning products can also be cleverly hidden to make your bathroom appear far more streamlined.