Voi Launch Long Term Rental scheme in Oxford 

With news of Oxford’s e-scooter trial being extended to November 2022, Voi announced the launch of a new Long Term Rental scheme in Oxford for individuals wanting to lease their very own e-scooter. The company are offering a free lock, battery charger and helmet for all Voi riders subscribing to the new service

Since launching in Oxford in February 2021, Voi’s shared e-scooter scheme has proven so successful that its operational zone has been extended to cover more of the city, including the city centre, last September. The hop-on-hop-off e-scooter service has so far seen riders replace around 70,000 short car journeys with a total of over 215,000 rides, saving an estimated 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions to date.

Following this success, the company is now extending its offer to include a new Long Term Rental (LTR) scheme in the city, whereby riders can have their own Voi to use when they like, and keep at home.

To be eligible to rent a Voi Long Term Rental scooter riders need to be over 18 years old, have at least a provisional driving license, and reside within the operating area. Long Term Rentals e-scooters can be rented for £65 a month on a rolling monthly basis, following an initial two-month lease, using a variety of payment methods such as a PayPal or a valid debit or credit card.

Those interested in Voi’s LTRs in Oxford are encouraged to register their interest on Voi’s website as soon as possible in order to receive their LTR e-scooters from Wednesday 13 April 2022.

Successful applicants will be contacted by Voi to arrange delivery of their e-scooter, during which they will receive information and in-person training on how to safely operate and maintain their LTR e-scooter, a lock, 3-pin battery charger and a Voi helmet that they are encouraged to use when riding.

LTR riders will be provided with the same e-scooter model as used by those already enjoying Voi’s shared hop-on-hop-off service in the city. The scooter will have the same specification and features, including hydraulic double suspension for smoother rides, a triple-redundant brake system and a range of up to 60km on a full charge. However, all Long-term rental e-scooters will be easily distinguishable by their black handlebar.

Rental e-scooters are classified as motor vehicles and, therefore, users will be required to follow the same rules as any other Voi e-scooter rider, for instance riding on pavements or under the influence of alcohol are illegal.

In addition, and similar to the other Voi e-scooters, the LTR e-scooter speed will be capped at 12.5mph and geofencing will be in place, including Slow and No Ride Zones, to ensure the LTR e-scooters can only be used within the same authorised operating area as the current hop-on-hop-off service.

Jack Samler, General Manager at Voi UK and Ireland, says:

“We are delighted that Oxfordshire County Council continues to support our presence in their fine city by enabling residents to subscribe to our Long Term Rental scheme.

“Having an LTR will be invaluable to regular Voiagers who need quick and easy access to our scooters, at their own convenience, day and night. The new scheme means LTR riders can simply jump on and ride straight from their own home to wherever they need to go.

“Long Term Rentals of our e-scooters is part of our movement to make micromobility accessible to all, to build on the modal shift away from polluting modes of transport, which we are already seeing in Oxford, and complementing the city’s public transport system.”

Voi’s LTR scheme offers a sustainable, flexible and cost-effective alternative for those who want to use an e-scooter daily as their main mode of transport.

Voi’s number one priority is safety, which means LTR riders can make the most of its safe riding skills events and webinars, or undergo the training in its RideLikeVoila digital school, in order to scoot safely, sustainably and support its movement of micromobility for all.