Vero Latte Italian Gelato Arrives In The UK With The Opening Of Its First Kiosk At Bicester Village

Vero Latte opens its first store abroad in the renowned Bicester Village.

A few months after the opening of the first kiosk at Fidenza Village, Vero Latte – the Italian brand of European gelato making champion Massimiliano Scotti – inaugurates on June 3rd its new store at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire signalling the company’s first adventure outside of Italian borders.

Launched in Vigevano, Lombardia in 2015, Vero Latte embodies Massimiliano Scotti’s dream of creating a genuine product, capable of “arousing real emotions” starting from a few simple ingredients of exceptional quality. Extraordinarily good and obtained from natural, organic and raw ingredients, Vero Latte gelato stands out for its unique taste, consistency and intensity. Features stemming from years of passionate and continuous research on the best products and methodologies to enhance the specific properties of each ingredient.

Verolatte Italian Gelato
Verolatte Italian Gelato – Strawberry, Chocolate and Mango

Since opening the first of its kind ice cream boutique with an open-air laboratory in Vigevano, new opportunities continue to emerge to develop the business thanks to Scotti’s reputation as a Master Gelato Maker; a title that has been consolidated by numerous awards received every year. Thanks to a strategic partnership with The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, which includes 11 luxury retail destinations between Europe and China, Vero Latte embarked on an ambitious expansion program by opening its first kiosk in Fidenza Village in Parma, Italy in March 2022. A project that now crosses the Italian borders with the inauguration of the new kiosk in Bicester Village, the flagship location for the entire collection.

Inspired by the format inaugurated in Fidenza, the new British kiosk has a dynamic and sustainable soul. Made entirely of glass and equipped with the latest generation SMEG 50’s Style equipment, the space offers a unique opportunity to Bicester’s guests to enjoy a delicious and authentic Italian gelato just a few miles away from London. The gelato selection offered by the new store includes the brand’s signature flavours such as lightly salted whole Pistachio, Hazelnut from The Langhe, and Stracciatella.

Alongside these unmissable “classics”, Massimiliano crafted some exclusive flavours which aim to pay tribute to the English territory and traditions such as the original “Five O’Clock Tea” featuring an Earl Grey tea infused milk, and the “Strawberry Fields” sorbet with strawberries and infused chamomile tea.

The store also represents a new challenge for Massimilano Scotti who aims to promote the culture of authentic, handmade Italian gelato worldwide: “Bringing my gelato outside Italian borders is a lifelong dream that’s now becoming a reality,” says the chef.

“It seems incredible to think that only 7 years after the opening of the first Vero Latte store, this ambitious project is already taking shape. I am excited about this new adventure with The Bicester Village Shopping Collection which will open the doors for our extraordinary Italian handmade gelato to debut at other European villages soon.

Portrait Verolatte Team

Who are Vero Latte?

Founded in Vigevano in 2015 from the fervent creativity of internationally renowned Gelato Chef, Massimiliano Scotti, Vero Latte is the story of a dream: “To travel back in time by rediscovering the most traditional flavours of a territory”. Chef Scotti works with his grandmother’s original family recipes using exclusively selected local products without compromising quality, and has built up his repertoire by adding a “gourmet” twist creating unprecedented combinations and reinterpreting the world’s most versatile dessert with unexpected pairings.

In 2022, Vero Latte begins a new chapter by opening storefronts in partnership with The Bicester Collection – “Vero Latte Fidenza Village” (Fidenza-Italy) and “Vero Latte Bicester Village” (Bicester – Oxford) – both dedicated to the experience of gourmet gelato and to the diffusion of the culture of authentic, handmade Italian gelato worldwide.