The Subtle But Very Real Importance Of Envelopes

All envelopes are basically the same, right? Wrong! Envelopes can have a considerable impact on the way your letter or package is received, and depending on the circumstances, there may be specific considerations you should make.

Choosing the right envelope for the occasion can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful send. With so many envelope sizes and styles to choose from, how do you know what’s right for you?

Here Are Some Key Things To Consider:

Are you sending it for business purposes? 

Envelopes can say a lot about your business. An overly large envelope for a small item can make it seem like your business is wasteful. A cheap looking envelope for a premium item can damage the high-class brand and image you want to cultivate.

When sending something valuable, an unpadded envelope can increase the risk of it being damaged in the post. These are the kind of things you should take into account when choosing your business envelopes.

A padded envelope
Padded envelopes are a necessity if you are sending valuables

All businesses want to maximise efficiency wherever possible, but ensure you don’t scrimp on the bare essentials. 

Are you sending it for a special occasion? 

Sending mail for a special occasion may require a certain kind of envelope. Think about the personality of the person you’re sending your letter or card to – are they the effervescent type who would appreciate a splash of wild colour? Or are they more subtle in their tastes and would appreciate a much more restrained feel?

Also, take your inspiration from the colours in the card you’re sending – a classy mauve and white card will look out of place being sent in a bright yellow envelope, for example.

Has It Been Made From Sustainable Material?

Recycle logo found on envelopes
Sustainable envelopes are the right choice for your business

One key factor with any disposable product is its environmental impact and how you as the sender can reduce your waste and increase your green credentials. Ensuring that your envelope has been made from recyclable materials and is in turn, recyclable will show your recipient that you are considerate and thoughtful too.

Have you made the right choice? 

With so many options available, making the right choices is crucial. That’s why you shouldn’t rush – spend some time browsing an online specialist, such as and take in the available options. Think clearly about why you’re going to be sending your mail, and consider what the right envelope option would be. 

It’s an opportunity for you to put the final finishing touches on what you send, and it can make a difference in ensuring your receiver truly remembers the moment. Show them that you care by putting in the extra thought to tailor things to their tastes. Trust your instinct and send your mail with a personalised flair using customised envelopes.