Oxford local celebrates 100th birthday with card from new King Charles III

The kind-hearted team at an Oxford care home celebrated resident Muriel Currill’s 100th birthday with a specially made cake as a treat for the health conscious centenarian.

Self-discipline and healthy eating are the secrets to long life for the former Cowley resident but a slice of cake went down well at celebrations with family at Bridge House Care Home in Abingdon where she lives.

After receiving her card from King Charles III Muriel’s niece Lynne outlined how proud she was of the ceremonial card and how special it was to spend the day with her.

“Muriel had a wonderful day, from being pampered in the morning with a manicure and hairdo, to celebrating in the afternoon with myself, Richard, his wife Chris and all the amazing team at Bridge House,”


“She especially enjoyed us all singing happy birthday as her lovely cake was brought in – and even joined in with the singing!


“The highlight for her was of course receiving her card from the King and Queen Consort, which will now hanging proudly on the wall in her room.


“As a family we’re so proud of her and glad that we can still reminisce with her about her life in Oxford, and all the good times we had together.”

Muriel Currill as a baby
Muriel Currill as a baby in 1923

A keen pianist, Muriel attained grade eight piano and has worked in a number of office roles in Oxford throughout her life.

After marrying husband Ernie, who served in the RAF, in 1945, the couple moved into a flat above the Co-op on Hayfield Road, North Oxford before buying a house in Fairlie Road, Cowley, which the pair made their home until Muriel moved into Bridge House in 2021.

Muriel has always had a strong sense of self discipline being meticulous over what she ate and would only occasionally have a glass of wine or sherry on special occasions.

Muriel Currill celebrates turning 100
Muriel Currill celebrates turning 100

Lynne added:

“Muriel has always been careful with her health and diet. Her sister Daphne would often recall how when they were given Easter eggs, Muriel would treat her self to a small piece everyday and would make it last for a couple of weeks!

“Family has always been very important to Muriel and she loved being an Aunt, Great Aunt and now Great Great Aunt.


“Myself and Richard spent lots of time with her growing up and remember fondly having picnics and celebrating bonfire night and Christmases together as a family.”

Care home manager Marta Leszko said:

“Muriel is an amazing woman and she’s a real inspiration to us all.


“She was delighted to receive her special card form the King which made her day. We were so happy that she was able to spend time with Richard and Lynne who have always meant the world to her.


“We love to be able to arrange these special celebrations for our residents and welcome their loved ones into our home.


“We see everyone as part of the Bridge House family and it’s so important for our residents to be able to continue to do the things they love and spend time with their friends and family.”