Largest Outdoor Event of Oxfordshire ArtWeeks

Our 6th biennial show opens 20th–29th May and is the largest event in the 41st Oxfordshire Artweeks festival.  Pop-up cafe, children’s sculpture trail, toilets, wheelchair accessible, dogs on leads welcome. A family affair, Chris Stockwell curates in an amusing and interesting fashion in and amongst the beautiful 5 acre garden he has created over the past 25 years. Chris says “We are delighted to offer such a wide range of sculpture this year from kinetic metal to sparkling glass, colourful ceramics, tactile pottery and wood, wire and stone.”

The Sculpture

Set in 5 acres of fabulous garden, over 400 sculptures are displayed as you would like to see them in your own garden.  By water, on open lawn, peeping from herbaceous borders, suspended in woodland and fluttering through bushes.    Local and national British artists exhibit alongside tactile stone carvings from Shona artists of Zimbabwe and colourful creations of school children.  “Artists Piotr Gargas and Martin Cash return to demonstrate the art of stone carving and share their knowledge enthusiastically.” “Internationally acclaimed Johannes von Stumm will be showing ‘Emptiness-Fullness’ a thought-provoking Stainless-Steel work from this fascinating artist.”

The Garden

A rare site of pH neutral ‘greensand’ this is a plant-person’s paradise amidst the inhospitable Cotswold brash.  Unique is ‘The Moorish Pavilion’, inspired by the Alhambra; towers, courtyard and stunning glazed room stand in the centre of the garden displaying colonnades and lions hand carved in India and Africa, all assembled by local stone masons building with local stone.

For Charity

Est 2012 thousands have bought sculpture and eaten cake raising over £400,000 to date.  Named charities include Koestler Arts; UK’s best-known prison arts charity.  Helen and Douglas House; local children’s & young people’s hospice.  Rafiki Thabo Foundation; education in Kenya, Uganda and Lesotho. Chitungwiza Sculpture Park; supporting livelihoods through trade and development.  Other local, national and international charities receive planned and ad hoc support.

Schools Outreach Programme

Since 2021 we have invested over £35,000 in an ambitious arts outreach programme in 22 North Cotswolds primary schools reaching over 3,500 children.  Termly whole school workshops and prizes for art competitions, after school clubs, teacher training, art supplies and subscriptions to curriculum packages.