LacyLou London Brings Exclusive Pop-up Shop to Woodstock August 10th

LacyLou London, the reputable fashion brand known for its exquisite designs and unique interchangeable charms, is excited to announce the opening of its exclusive pop-up shop in Woodstock 10th – 17th August.

Shoppers in the area or visitors to Blenheim Palace will have the opportunity to indulge in a unique and personalized shopping experience, showcasing LacyLou London‘s latest collection and to discover the hype is about.

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Located in the heart of Woodstock, the LacyLou London pop-up shop at 14 Market Place will be open to the public starting on Thursday 10th August and will run for a limited time only. Fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters will have the chance to discover why Mojo London called the brand “pioneering”, the “Pandora of Handbags” and predicted would “revolutionise the handbag industry”.

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The Number 14 Popup Retail Unit is popular for flash retailing

LacyLou London’s pop-up shop promises an extraordinary experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the brand’s world of elegance and sophistication. The store will feature an inviting and stylish ambiance, creating the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable shopping journey. Explore the brand’s signature designs, carefully curated to cater to every woman’s individual style and preference.

From the moment customers step through the doors, they will be greeted by Lacy who will guide them through the collection, offering personalized style advice and recommendations, and demonstrating the unique twist and lock system that makes the charms interchangeable to truly reflect who we are (and colour coordinate with outfits of course).

Discover Lacy’s infectious passion for sustainable fashion, and her dream for one-time purchase multi-use bags to last a lifetime. Browse the collection of charms, pick your favourites, and give your Wishlist for future releases.

“Lacy is thrilled to bring an exclusive pop-up shop to Woodstock,” said a spokesperson for Oxford based LacyLou London. “Our brand has always aimed to empower women through fashion, and we are excited to offer our customers in Woodstock the opportunity to experience our collection up close and personal. We look forward to sharing our passion for sustainability, exquisite designs and exceptional craftsmanship with the local community.”

So get yourself down to the Lacylou London popup shop this week in Woodstock, and mention the Oxfordshire Guardian for special discounts and the chance for exclusive giveaways.

lacylou london clutch bag

Luxury Made Personal with Lacylou London

Choose your bag, choose your charms, choose your accessories, choose your straps, choose your look!

Lacylou London

LacyLou London is a renowned fashion brand known for its elegant and sophisticated bag designs and unique interchangeable charms functionality. The premise is simple, buy one or more of the high quality bags. Buy your choice of charms and strap(s), and swap them around to suit your mood.

This unique method enables you to truly reflect your personality, and enables easy gift ideas for the future. These affordable high-end bags are more than just a functional accessory; they are an extension of individuality.

Best of all, these handbags are not just stylish accessories but also a true investment piece. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, these bags are built to last, ensuring durability and longevity. What’s more, each handbag is one-of-a-kind, making it uniquely yours. So, not only do you get a high-quality handbag, but you also get a piece that reflects your own personal style. Now, that’s something worth investing in!

With LacyLou London, you have the incredible opportunity to craft your very own dream handbag. Imagine being able to personalize it with a delightful array of charms, accessories, and straps that perfectly reflect your unique style and personality. Not only will your handbag become a true expression of who you are, but it will also remain both fashionable and functional. Say goodbye to generic designs and hello to a one-of-a-kind artisan accessory that will make heads turn wherever you go.

lacylou handbag

Personalised Handbags with Charms: Swap with a simple Push, Twist & Lock

You can effortlessly interchange your bag’s attachments with just a simple Push, Twist & Lock. No more hassle or struggle, the bags have a patented convenient fitting mechanism that allows you to easily change the attachment by giving it a quick push and twist.

This innovative and pioneering design mechanism is not only user-friendly but also durable and secure. You can trust that your attachments will stay in place no matter what. Plus, with this easy-to-use system, you have the freedom to switch up your bag’s look based on your mood, outfit, or occasion.

Say goodbye to boring bags and hello to endless possibilities. Get ready to express your unique style effortlessly!

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Pair with your Charms

Get creative and design your own one-of-a-kind piece using our extensive collection of charms. With new styles constantly being introduced, the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer the graceful Daisy Flower or the wise Wise Owl in luxurious gold, or perhaps the mesmerizing Enchanted Heart and the serene Dove of Peace in elegant silver, there is a charm that perfectly matches your mood and outfit for any given day!

Similar to a Pandora bracelet, these charms make for the perfect gift on birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. And the best part? When you gift them to someone special, the sentimentality can last for years to come.

The sustainable choice

While I’m not an expert in women’s designer handbags, I do know that there are many styles. What Lacylou London offer is the literal one bag fits all. Having a shoulder bags mood? Swap the chain for a longer one. Can’t find the right bag to colour coordinate with your outfit? Change out the charms.

Investment pieces made from high quality leather are a quiet luxury, meaning you can buy in the safe knowledge it will last a lifetime. While Lacylou don’t sell a tote or bucket bags (yet), they cover all evening wear styles.

The Lacylou London bag collection
The Lacylou London bag collection

Lacy Lou London Bags

At the time of writing, the brand have the following available in Black, with new colourways in production:

Kiki rucksack

This fantastic leather backpack features shoulder straps that can be easily adjusted to your preferred length. Plus, it comes with a convenient magnetic closure that allows for quick and hassle-free access to your belongings. Get ready to embark on your adventures with this stylish and functional backpack!

The LouLou satchel

The fabulous satchel handbag is designed with a convenient top handle that adds a touch of classic elegance to your style. This versatile accessory can be worn in two chic ways – either cross body or as a shoulder bag. So, you can effortlessly switch up your look and feel confident wherever you go. Embrace the versatility and make a fashion statement with this trendy satchel!

The ChiChi multi clutch bag

The ChiChi is the ultimate bag for any occasion. With its versatile straps, you can wear it as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, clutch purse, or even a belt bag. It’s the perfect companion for any fashion lover who wants to effortlessly switch up their style.

Additional Accessories

And if that’s not enough, you can also treat yourself to some extra accessories. How about a heart photo holder or a cute miniature Lacylou handbag? You can even add some stylish bag scarfs in a variety of colours to complete your look.

When it comes to straps, there is plenty of options. Choose from beautiful gold, silver, and gun metal grey chains, ranging from 40cm to 120cm. Wear them on your wrist, shoulder, or across your body – whatever suits your style.

So go ahead and indulge in these fabulous accessories that will add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

Where is the Lacylou London pop-up shop?

Address: 14 Market Place, Woodstock OX20 1TA

When: 10th – 17th August

To get to Woodstock from Oxford, you can follow these steps:

1. By Car:
– Take the A44 road from Oxford and head northwest towards Woodstock.
– The journey should take around 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic.

2. By Bus:
– Take the Stagecoach S3 bus from Oxford (Gloucester Green Bus Station) to Woodstock.
– The bus journey takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

3. By Train:
– There is no direct train line to Woodstock. However, you can take a train from Oxford to Hanborough station.
– From Hanborough, you can either take a taxi or catch a bus to Woodstock, which is only a short distance away.

4. By Bicycle:
– Woodstock is around 8 miles northwest of Oxford, making it a reasonable cycling distance.
– You can follow the A44 road or choose a more scenic route through the countryside.

Please note that travel times may vary depending on traffic conditions and the mode of transport you choose.