Icarus Digital Media reaches New Heights while Helping build Companies of the Future

Only seven years after the company was founded, Icarus Media Digital is already celebrating an incredible achievement: An average of one million unique visitors on all the websites that are part of the portfolio of ventures. In only six months, the traffic that it creates reaches beyond 15 million page views. This justifies a closer look at how the company has managed to do so much over such a short time period, in order to understand the importance of this venture building studio to the economy and the growth of our world.

A Brief History of Icarus Media Digital

This venture building studio has shown throughout its seven years of existence that it is committed to nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship. To do so, Icarus Media Digital specializes in creating new ventures, starting from the inception of a fresh idea, and bringing it all the way to market. To make them a successful business, they recruit some of the best talents who possess the necessary knowledge that will help the company to grow rapidly. This is how they are able to develop new technologies that create the industry sectors of tomorrow.

Established in 2016 by Matthieu Mayran, the company has remained at the forefront of its field by identifying the most profitable opportunities that were brought to them in various industries, or by finding them before they managed to develop. The recent news highlighting the increasing visibility of the projects they have been part of during these seven years demonstrates the company’s success in their main focus: developing sustainable and profitable ventures. It is also a good indicator of what is to come for ventures that will be joining in the coming years.

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How does the Company help create Successful Ventures?

It is important to understand how Icarus Media Digital works if we want to comprehend how it helps to create successful ventures. The company starts with the seed of a new idea and through a data-driven venture building approach, it provides a range of services that include content creation, digital marketing, and social media management. It is in this way that they provide assistance to the management group of the ventures, which are all linked to Icarus Media Digital, in order to give substance to the concept and expand the business.

Because Icarus Media Digital works across different technology niches, it has managed to achieve remarkable success in nurturing new ventures into financially successful technology businesses. It goes to prove that fostering entrepreneurship, when done through the help of a competent and experience team, and using today’s technologies to bring more visibility to unique ideas, can lead to great results.

What will come Next for Icarus Media Digital?

The future of Icarus Media Digital will surely involve a continued expansion in the areas of venture building and digital marketing, as they keep on dedicating themselves to helping ventures develop into companies that will lead our society into tomorrow, finding new solutions for the various challenges that they may face. It will also keep investing actively to support new technology companies and help them grow to their full potential.