Girlguiding Oxfordshire’s Brand-New Website. Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Girlguiding Oxfordshire has just launched a brand-new website in the biggest rebrand for 113 years.

After today’s launch, Girlguiding Oxfordshire would like more people to get involved including girls, parents and volunteers, promoting inclusivity.

Girls have the chance to explore, socialise, create, help and inspire from ages 4 to 18. Girlguiding is all about empowering girls, helping them to understand that anything is possible.

Girlguiding, since 1909, has promoted itself as an organisation that empowers girls, providing environments (units) where girls can feel comfortable- where they can fully embrace themselves.

Those who decide to join Girlguiding will subsequently have some great opportunities at their fingertips. Guides can choose what activities and events they want to take part in, sometimes even becoming the organiser.

They have the power of choice, allowing them to choose what they would like to take part in, perhaps something that excites them or ignites a sense of passion. Girl guiding gives them the chance to discover themselves and find out what their interests and talents are.

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Girl guides groups in Oxfordshire

For girls, the availability of experiences they might not otherwise have access to is important. From each individual experience, they will be able to learn new, important skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Along with helping young girls with self-discovery, Girl Guides in Oxfordshire helps the community, through volunteering and organising events that raise awareness for certain ongoing issues.

Now, with their new website, the information and services are readily and easily available to those interested. Parents, it’s not something you’d want your daughter to miss out on. Throughout their time at Girlguiding Oxfordshire, your girls will become enriched with knowledge, experience and skill.

Watch them make new friends, conquer fears, help others and achieve the unexpected. The website will tell you everything you need to know and more. It tells you how to register, how to get the uniform and the cost of it, how the team will ensure your daughters safety and more.

Girlguiding Oxfordshire is also looking for volunteers, to lend a helping hand during activities and events. There are numerous that you can volunteer, whether it is helping with the girls directly or lending a helping hand behind the scenes.

Register for a volunteering role through the website, where information is also provided regarding the different roles, what can be expected from each role and how to get started after registering.

What are the age group splits for girl guides?

Girl Guides is open to girls aged 4-18.

The specific age group splits are as follows:

4-7: Rainbows
7-10: Brownies
10-14: Guides
14-18: Rangers