Driving into the Future: The Small Device Putting Motorists Back in The Driving Seat

Attention all car enthusiasts and owners, there is a new, game-changing device available in the UK that could help you save money and keep your car running better, for longer. Introducing Carly, the cutting-edge smart mechanic device that connects car owners with the data under their bonnet, providing valuable insights into its health and performance, and eliminating the need for frequent trips to the garage.

So, what is it? Carly is an OBD II scanner, but for everyone. Mechanics have been using OBD scanning technology for years to diagnose everything from engine faults to battery health, but previously this type of technology and data has not been made available to the masses. Carly wants to disrupt this narrative by putting motorists back in control of their own car health, providing scanning technology similar to a blood test for your car.

By simply plugging in the device in the easily accessible OBD port beneath your steering wheel, Carly will read any fault codes in your car and deliver a report to the app on your phone within minutes highlighting any issues currently flagged by your vehicle. The app will also advise you on the severity of these issues, and whether they need addressing to avoid a catastrophic (and very expensive) sudden failure.

The device is also an essential for used car buyers who will be able to perform a quick scan of any prospective car they are interested in purchasing. This will allow buyers to check vehicles for any underlying issues that may not be apparent visually, helping them be more aware of exactly the condition of the car they are buying.

With over two million users already in the US and Europe, this nifty device is sure to quickly become the perfect car companion for many more UK drivers, offering 6 features including:

🔍 Diagnostics: Carly’s advanced technology lets you scan your vehicle’s electronic control units (ECUs) and read fault codes from up to 80 ECUs. No more guessing games – know exactly what’s wrong with your car.

🔧 Smart Mechanic: Worried about the severity of an issue? Carly’s Smart Mechanic feature provides detailed insights into the severity of problems and offers actionable repair guidelines, just like having an expert mechanic by your side.

Battery Health: Keep your car’s heart beating strong with Carly’s battery health check. Prevent surprises and ensure your car starts reliably every time.

📈 Engine Live Data: Get real-time data about your engine’s performance, helping you stay ahead of potential issues before they escalate.

🔩 Maintenance: No more unnecessary trips to the garage. Carly lets you perform your own car services at home, complete with service interval tracking. Keep your car running smoothly and save money.

🛠️ Coding: Unlock hidden features and customize your car’s settings to match your preferences. Tailor your ride to suit your style effortlessly.

Carly is available for £74.80 at www.mycarly.com