Bike Stand Bonanza!

Oxford’s cyclists will find locking their bikes easier and more convenient as more local employers take up the offer of free bike racks.

The Oxford ParkThatBike scheme, launched recently, provides organisations with cycle parking for them to install on their premises. Conventional bike racks, heart-shaped stands, wall-mounted rails, PlantLocks (a combined planter and bike rack) and free-standing “toast-racks” are available.

Bike Stand Bonanza 1

Applications have been received from community groups, shops, pubs, hotels, and churches. The first bike racks will be shipped to them shortly.

Scheme co-ordinator Peter Andrews, from ParkThatBike, said: “Cycling is more popular than ever, and there is always a need for secure bike parking. We’re inviting community minded organisations to put a few bike racks on their property so that their visitors and staff – and also, crucially, the general public – can lock their bikes. I’d urge any organisation with a bit of space to spare that is easy for people to access to take up this very special offer.”

The ParkThatBike scheme is backed by Oxford City Council and runs until March 31st. A limited number of racks are available – it’s first come, first served! Priority is given to locations with the most public benefit.

To apply for free cycle parking visit and download an application form, or phone 01594 564 344.