Which UK cities have the best beauty professionals?

With so many treatments and products available, with more and more added each passing year, the beauty industry is booming. And with huge growth comes more competition, and salons, now more than ever, have to offer something different to make them stand out from the crowd. Those who are starting out should focus on building an authentic and sustainable model, using safe products that don’t undergo rigorous animal testing, and investing in quality products that customers will treasure.

Skincare is also seeing a huge increase in customer interest, making up a massive 40% of sales in the global cosmetic market in 2019. Consumers are educating themselves more about sun protection and anti-aging skincare, so it stands to reason that natural cosmetics are now more popular than ever and is estimated to be valued at $54.5 billion in 2027.

Haircare closely follows skincare in terms of market value, making the two product categories the most important to consumers. Beauty professionals who want to break into the Gen Z market should ensure that they follow the trends in these two arenas and add value to their treatments.

So, where can you find these beauty professionals in the UK? It’s awash with incredible talent, but there are some hotspots that really stand out from the rest.

skincare treatment at salon

An overview

When it comes to the fierce competition of the beauty industry, the UK is no exception. One thing we know is that good reviews are like gold dust when a salon wants to make a name for itself. One piece of research surveyed 2,000 customers to learn more about what motivates them to leave reviews in the first place, with many saying that they left good reviews if they had a positive overall experience, were happy with the results of the treatment, ‘if the person giving the treatment/service had a warming personality’ and if they were offered complimentary extras like cups of tea and magazines.

Judging by the number of 4 Star+ reviews, Norwich claimed the top spot with ‘the most 4-star+ rated hairdressers when calculated against the local population.’ Just 663 people shared their top-rated hair salon. Following close behind was Dundee, Peterborough, Stoke-on-Trent and Hull. Other major cities that performed well in the survey were Oxford, Newport, Southampton, Aberdeen and Derby.

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What else are clients basing their positive reviews on?

Whilst all clients look for friendly beauty professionals and a great final result, customers also look for value in their treatment. Six in ten (62%) of customers in the UK say that they are more likely to leave a good review if they saw ‘good value’ throughout. For salons looking to make it in the beauty industry, it’s important to invest in high quality beauty products such as permanent hair colour or waxing kits that last and provide sufficient reward for the client.

As for negative reviews, results showed that reasons can range from the service being overpriced, the client taking a disliking to the products used in the treatment and if the client felt like they didn’t have the beauty professional’s full attention.

In conclusion, reviews matter when a beauty salon is trying to make a name for itself in a new market. As well as quality products and friendly service, it seems like the thoughtful things, like offering a cup of tea upon arrival, also go a long way.