What We Expect Home Decor Trends to Be at the Start at 2023

Another year over, and it’s time to look forward. We’re perhaps not entirely saying goodbye to the 50s pastel kitchens, the Art Deco living rooms, and maximalist wall galleries, but we can add to them. So, what’s in store for 2023?

What trends do the world’s interior design experts predict to come to homes in the future months? We are listing some suggestions. Maybe you’ll incorporate them into your home, or maybe just see whether our predictions come true. Take a look at what we think will be the biggest trends in 2023 for homes.

Decorative borders and stencilling

So, we’ve had a lot of fun with colour blocking, dark tones, and wall moulding, but to push it to the next step, a lot of people are mixing up these elements. More and more moulding attached to dark-toned walls are turning up with their own high-contrast colour.

So painted gold mouldings are attached to blue walls, or fun peach or orange mouldings on white or cream walls, etc. It can go around paintings, as with the original Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods, where paintings were framed by moulding.

modern interior design trends

Nature flooring

We’re winding our way through the collections of natural resources we can use, and right now, the trend is terracotta and stone. One perk is that it will also go very nicely with your sunset hue walls, but it will also infuse more nature into your home. Bringing nature indoors is very important to a lot of people right now, with biophilic design a buzzword for 2023.

It seems cheap to say it’s a trend because it’s more lasting than that and more influential. But we’re running out of ideas. We’ve tried marble, we’ve tried filling our rooms with plants, we’ve tried stonewash, and now terracotta is in the mix. It has a place in the kitchen, where it can tile or be countertops or in porches.

If you’re looking for a way to inject some nature into your home, you can’t go wrong with solid wood flooring. Unlike laminate flooring, you’ll have real wood floors that last a generation and bring nature into the home. For something a little different, you can look into parquet floors for a fun trend.

listening room

Listening rooms

With the rise in popularity of vinyl, and the idea that you can turn any nook into a private space to indulge your favourite things, it’s no surprise that listening rooms have gained in popularity. It’s somewhere you can focus on something you enjoy, away from your phone.

First, there were gaming rooms, then reading rooms, and now there are listening rooms. Keep an instrument, or a few, nearby, stick in your earphones and enjoy your favourite music. Find a room that has nothing in it, and fill it with a vinyl player, maybe a day bed, and some soundproofing, and you’re on your way to a listening room.

Sunset tones

There is nothing better than waking organically, not with the sound of the ding-a-ling iPhone alarm that sounds like a fire alarm in your dreams, but with the sun laying over your eyes in the morning. To prompt, or perhaps emulate, that feeling, a lot of rooms are being painted with colours that evoke the sunset. Peaches, yellows, muted pinks, etc., evoke the feeling of sitting on the beach while watching the sun go down.

They pair nicely with the sage green tones that are trending right now too. A sage green headboard or sofa in a sunset hue room would really pop.

These are going hand in hand with muted tones that are similarly bringing out a lot of pinks, oranges and yellows that don’t look “too much”. Instead, they’re “dusty pink” or “dusk orange” rather than a shade that would be worn to be seen at night on a dark road.