What are the most common hazards for professional landscapers?

Keeping on top of your garden maintenance can be a tough job, especially in the summer months. So, having someone to manage your garden can be a weight off your shoulders. Professional landscapers specialise in garden development and maintenance. They have the skills to transform your garden and help you realise your dream outdoor space. Whether you want to maintain the garden you already have or have a new theme in mind, a landscape gardener will consider this and work to achieve your vision.

Landscape gardening is a job that requires manual labour and often the use of heavy-duty machinery. As expected, this brings risk. These risks will vary in severity depending on the work you are doing. So, what are the most common hazards for professional landscapers?

Flying and falling objects 

When cutting or shredding materials, you run the risk of particles causing you harm. If you are cutting wood with a chainsaw, a pair of goggles will stop the wood chippings from hitting your eye and blinding you. If the material is falling from a height, protective footwear should be worn to avoid any damage to the foot.

Machinery and tools

As mentioned, landscape gardening involved working with machinery. Types of machinery can be anything from lawnmowers, chainsaws, shears, and saws. If these get used incorrectly, these can cause serious, if not fatal harm.

landscaper at work

Working from heights 

If you are working on a tree or a bush, you might need to use a ladder to reach the top. Climbing to the top of a ladder creates the immediate risk of falling. However, if you are up a ladder and carrying a heavy tool such as a hedge trimmer, the likelihood of falling increases.

Noise exposure 

Heavy machinery can often be loud and damage your hearing. Sadly, as this is the function of the machinery, the noise is unavoidable. So, wearing ear protection such as ear defenders or plugs will help minimise the risk of damage.

Sun exposure 

Working in the beautiful outdoors can have its pros and cons. Being amongst nature is good for our mental health and can have huge benefits. However, landscape gardening requires intense time spent in the sun. Being exposed to the sun increases your chance of burning and worse, skin cancer.


If you work with electricity cables or points, they can cause fatal electric shocks. Often, these electric points are hard to recognise, making it hard to avoid the risk.