These Are the 2024 Travel Trends You Need to Know About

New travel trends emerge every year to help us make the most of our downtime. And 2024 has the potential to be one of the most exciting years yet for traveling the world.

But before booking your flight, learn the best ways to spend your time off. From visiting the sets of your favourite TV shows and catching amazing concerts abroad to saving money by ditching drinking abroad below are six of the biggest travel trends to excite you for future trips.

  1. Set-jetting

Set-jetting will become the most popular travel trend in 2024 and could be instrumental in planning your next big holiday. This is when travellers visit the actual filming locations of their favourite TV shows and movies in person.

According to Expedia’s Unpack ’24 report, more than half of travellers say that TV shows and movies inspire their travel plans. With more and more great shows coming next year, this trend will only get bigger.

So, what places should you keep in mind? What sets prove to be the most exciting? The top set-jetting destinations for 2024 include:

  • Thailand (The White Lotus)
  • Paris (Emily in Paris)
  • Norway (Succession)
  • Romania (Wednesday)
  • Korea (Squid Game)
  • London (Bridgerton & The Crown)
Local church of Naoussa village at Paros island in Greece
Paros or Santorini?
  1. Destination Dupes

Dupes has become a popular hashtag on platforms like TikTok, where people share cheaper alternatives to expensive products. In travel, destination dupes are becoming an emerging trend for 2024. Travelers decide to go to less-known places that still provide a fantastic holiday experience.

There are so many benefits to destination dupes. The first and most important is savings – dupes will be generally cheaper to visit compared to their expensive counterparts. Moreover, these destinations are often much less crowded, giving you lots of space to capture the sights and sounds of your travels.

On top of that, destination dupes have plenty of tourist attractions and beautiful scenery to uncover. Destination dupe ideas that are set to become big in 2024 include visiting Paros instead of Santorini, Perth instead of Sydney, Liverpool instead of London, and Palermo instead of Lisbon.

  1. Tour tourism

Tour tourism is already becoming a major travel trend. This is when fans travel overseas to catch a concert while also getting the chance to explore a new city. With the likes of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Olivia Rodrigo, and Coldplay all on worldwide tours, choosing where and when to see your favourite artists can be as exciting as the concert itself.

Although accommodation and flights can be expensive when a significant show is in town, travellers can book early for the best prices possible. They might also consider nearby towns and cities (i.e., dupe destinations) close enough to the concert for easy travel, which might still work out cheaper!

This also applies to sports events, with this year France seeing an increase in tourism as they hosted the Rugby World Cup. With the Summer Olympics in Paris, it’s expected to be the case again.

paris olympics 2024


  1. Vibe check-ins

Another fast-growing travel trend for 2024 is not necessarily where you go but where you stay. Vibe check-ins are all about the atmosphere and experience of hotels, with reporting a 1090% in users searching for ‘vibe’ in their searches. Popular vibes to look for include retro, quirky, chill, or modern vibes.

  1. Don’t forget about cybersecurity, either!

One of the most important (and overlooked) travel trends of 2024 is cybersecurity. This is because a growing number of criminals are now targeting travellers online. One of the main concerns you should have is internet use.

When on holidays, the temptation to connect to public Wi-Fi networks in airports, shops, and cafes can be strong. But these unsecured networks can be dangerous for your personal information. That’s why you should use cybersecurity tools like a virtual private network (VPN), which encrypts your connection and ensures total privacy over your online activity.

By taking out a VPN free trial before your holidays, you’ll see how valuable a tool it is in safeguarding you against rising cyber threats. You’ll even be able to change your IP address to buy cheaper flights and accommodations for your trip!

  1. Dry tripping

The final travel trend for 2024 is dry tripping. Whether it’s Dry January or Sober October, more and more travellers are consciously booking travel plans offering non-alcoholic options for drinking and having fun. Per Expedia’s survey, up to 40% of people were likely to plan a detox trip and considered zero-proof holidays a priority.