The Best Toys to buy for Christmas 2022

The Christmas season is filled with joy, giving, and of course, toys. It’s nearly that time of year again, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what will be under the tree for you and your loved ones this winter.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re in need of some Christmas toys ideas for girls and boys ready for Santa’s visit. The good news is we have plenty of suggestions for you! Let us help get your planning underway so that you don’t leave any gifts un-bought before December comes around.

These are a few of the best toys of 2022 if you’re looking to buy Christmas gifts for someone special (or any other time!). We have listed down some of the most impressive new toys out there right now. Whether they be interactive toys or board games, something here is certain to catch your eye.

Top Toys for Christmas 2022

Cherry Tree Hall

Price: £219

Age: 3+

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Cherry Tree Hall

Not every perfect toy for Christmas is massively hyped by the big retailers. This four-storey doll house is a lovely, classic and flowery wooden design with distinguished rooms, which are all decorated uniquely ideal for imaginative play. It has a variety of window designs, including back windows and shutters that work to let light in.

In addition, there are chimney stacks and staircases with room-dividing bannisters where your children will have hours of fun playing with their dolls in each room and sure to be a favourite toy for years to come.

Available at wooden toy specialists Mulberry Bush for £219 without furniture or £349 for the package set at the time of writing.

LEGO® Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter

Price: £26.67

Age: 8+

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star wars lego is tipped as Best Toys to buy for Christmas 2022Stars Wars Lego is having a resurgence the past few years thanks to Disney’s focus on the franchise. So naturally it is something to look for when you shop the best toys for Christmas gifts.

The TIE fighter is currently at a bargain price at Hamley’s and is a sure fire addition to many Christmas toy list.

Perfect for creative play, parents will enjoy helping with this classic Star Wars trilogy LEGO brick version of the Imperial TIE Fighter that has all the style and sleek design of an iconic starfighter in the Imperial fleet.

Features include:

  • opening cockpit
  • 2 spring-loaded shooters.
  • 2 LEGO minifigures: a TIE Fighter Pilot with a blaster pistol and Stormtrooper with a blaster,
  • plus an NI-L8 Protocol Droid

Play-Doh Ice Cream Truck

Price: £100

Age: 3+

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Play Doh Ice Cream Truck

Create the ultimate Play-Doh ice cream truck party in your play area! Kids have a large space to use this life-size kitchen set to explore their expansive ideas on Christmas Day and beyond.

Create a variety of pretend goodies with the 27 tools and the soft-serve station. Then, add your own touches to the creations using the Play-Doh sprinkle maker, tools, and fake sweet moulds. It’s ideal sensory fun for any Play Doh kitchen creations.

Children are made to feel as though they are actually operating their own ice cream truck through engaging music and cash register noises.

Play-Doh modelling clay comes with 12 pots, which are all kids need to get started. The toy food truck was also made with parents in mind, as it has a ton of storage and is simple to clean up after a day’s worth of fun!

Some parents are not a fan of Play-Doh as kids toys, and it is admittedly better on hard wood flooring rather than carpet.

Buzz Lightyear Ultimate Mission Sox Robot Cat

Price: £79.99 

(currently on Amazon UK for £39.99 from the entertainer)

Age: 4+

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Disney and Pixar Lightyear Ultimate Mission SoxBig movies of the year that have huge success nearly always equate to in-demand and the hottest toys.

Sox is the name of Buzz Lightyear’s endearing and smart robot buddy and highly predicted to be one of the most popular toys. Now every little kid may possess a lifelike feline wingman. With its 8-inch height and movie-accurate look, including its tidy blue collar with metallic tag and technology-enhanced tail, this electronic Sox brings the walking and talking mission-critical cat to life and straight into our top Christmas toys list.

Sox has touch-activated sensors all over its body, which enable him to walk realistically forward and backwards while also moving his head and eyes. It can also talk for more than two minutes in total. Six distinct data chips that plug into its tail allow him to use its technical prowess and experience to give kid-friendly space information as well as Space Ranger adventure and joy.

Requires ‎4 Lithium Ion batteries so check if included with any purchase.

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Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage Track Set Bundle


Age: 3+

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Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage Track Set BundleKids love Hot Wheels as they can be easily integrated with existing sets, so it’s no surprise to see these on the list of the most-wanted toys for Christmas 2022.

With the Hot Wheels Action Sky Crash Tower Playset, you can flaunt your kids driving prowess.

Utilize the simple assembly instructions to put all the parts together, then get ready for some great action! To add to the fun, The Tower has an insane drop, a winding track, and an upside-down part.

This set includes a motorized launcher and 20 Hot Wheels car for lots of action-packed play, and at the time of writing is cheaper on John Lewis than Amazon. Create the best track ever by linking it to other Hot Wheels tracks and vehicles.

This set also includes old and new 1:64 scale car models with classic decos and hot designs for all the young car enthusiasts and collectors ideal Christmas present.

Requires 4 x D batteries (not included)

Fisher-Price Little People Light-Up Learning Camper

Price: £37.99

Age: 12 months+

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Fisher Price Little People Light Up Learning Camper PlaysetWith Fisher-Little Price’s People Light-Up Learning Camper, kids can experience the “great outdoors” and act out their own amusing camping tales.

By loading the figurines into the car, securing the RV, and moving both vehicles, your excited little camper can begin the adventure. Once parked, they can open the RV to find a complete playset with 2 figures and 4 play components for pretend camping fun!

Kids can also enjoy this toy by pressing the buttons on top of the RV to turn on the lights, the music, and the three levels of instructional songs and phrases from Smart Stages. You can choose English, German, or French by clicking the globe icon!

Requires 3 x AA Batteries (included).

Oldfield Farm

Price: £67

Age: 3+

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oldfield farmThis highly popular and high-quality wooden Oldfield farm, you can go on a day trip without leaving your house.

Your child will be able to enjoy numerous hours of creative role-playing via the vibrant, intricate design and sturdy farmyard base.

This flat-packed toy farm set includes parts such as a farmhouse (with roof panels that attach with magnets), a barn loft and ladder, a pig sty, a cow shed and fences.

Jiggly Pets Noodle Pup

Price: £9.99

Age: 4+

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jiggly petsThe cutest and quirkiest walking dog around is the Jiggly Pets Pink Pup! Destined to be a top toy on the wanted list in 2022, the Jiggly Puppy can be activated by simply pressing the head.

This animated puppy plays catchy music while walking, barking, and waving its tail! Watch as the dog moves to the music! This cute dog has a rubbery, elastic face and body and is incredibly pleasant to the touch.

Watch as the pooch jiggles along with its flexible fur shimmering in a lovely pink iridescent sheen!

Your child will enjoy seeing their dog move to the music and wander around with the cutest puppy in the market! Jiggly Pup dances cuter than any other dog and they will make your kids dance as soon as they hear the upbeat song!

Tick Tock Brick Knock

Price: £34

Age: 3+

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tick tock brick knockIf you’re looking for an exciting gift for your kids, then this toy will be a blast for them. It’s essential a colourful Jenga with added timer

It all starts with Setting the timer to start the game. You have 15 or 30 seconds (2 options) to remove and place one block on top before the timer expires.

The bomb base will detonate at the end of the period, bringing the stacking tower down with it and the loser must receive a penalty card.

It’s going to bring a lot of excitement to kids who love these types of challenging but fun games. 1 dice, 1 timer, 1 base, 4 bombs, 42 blocks and 10 dare cards are all included in this game.

Active-Tots Pikler Style Wooden Climb & Swing

Price: £180

Age: 6 months +

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Active Tots Pikler Style Wooden Climb SwingThe Active-Tots Pikler Style Wooden Climb & Swing from TP Toys is like having the playground’s excitement right in your living room or child’s playroom.

It’s really simple to set up and take down, takes up very little room on the floor, and allows toddlers to enjoy and develop a ton of gross motor skills, which helps them develop core strength and confidence at a young age.

The frame comes with a Pikler-style climbing ladder that will inspire your toddler to stand and climb, as well as the soft, supportive, and comfy TP Foldaway Swing Seat, suited for children 6 months and older.

Sunshine Baby Activity Walker

Price: £98

Age: 18 months +

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Sunshine Baby Activity WalkerThe Sunshine Baby Activity Walker from Tender Leaf Toys is made from solid wood and has many features:

  • Rotating illustrated cubes
  • A sun that flips to a mirror
  • A windmill that turns
  • A rainbow wire toy with beads
  • A clacking crescent moon on a cloud
  • A snow sound maker
  • A flipping polar bear face and snowflake and a window that reveals a snow bunny
  • Four shape sorters on one side and three rotating cogs on the other
  • Extra storage is also provided by a cloth pocket at the back

Christmas Themed Gifts

When researching this article I came across some great Christmas gifts on Mulberry Bush I loved.

Personalised Penguin Soft Toy

Price: £29

Age: From birth

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Personalised Penguin Soft ToyStocking fillers are a must, and Christmas-themed presents are always a good idea.

Give this cute penguin a name of up to 8 characters to make it uniquely your little ones.

This red and white polka dot-scarfed penguin will undoubtedly become a well-liked icy pal for kids throughout the year and around Christmas!

Additionally, the base’s padded filler can be removed, making it a handy spot to store pyjamas if you want to free up some space in your child’s wardrobe.

Christmas Eve Box Game

Price: £13.99

Age: 3 – 6

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Christmas Eve Box GameGet into the festive spirit with this 20-piece family scene jigsaw puzzle and fill your stocking with matching and memory games in this activity.

Look for the presents from the item cards in an entertaining observation activity in which you piece together the puzzle.

Children can improve their matching and memory skills, develop observation skills, and stimulate conversations by playing this Christmas game at any time of the year.

Santa Popper

Price: £9.99

Age: 4+

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Santa PopperThis jolly Santa can shoot six foam balls up to 20 feet!

All your little ones have to do is just squeeze his belly and the balls will come shooting out of his bag!

The green balls are made of safe, soft material and the faster and farther you press on the popper, the harder it shoots.

Your children may use the Santa Popper to practice their aim and keep any carollers away from your door during the hectic Christmas period.

No matter how you play, the Christmas Santa Popper will enhance your families holiday pleasure greatly.

Eugy Puzzle – Reindeer

Price: £8.99

Age: 6+

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Eugy Puzzle ReindeerA child can create a model 3D reindeer by putting the quality pieces in the correct order and securing them with the provided glue.

The model parts are made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials, where children can learn about the importance of sustainably developed toys and games.

These three-dimensional puzzles have been designed to enhance spatial understanding and to bring children’s puzzles to life in an untraditional way.

This unusual finishing method is great for creative animal lovers who want to finish a puzzle in 30 minutes.

First Christmas Bauble

Price: £12

Age: Keep out of reach of children

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Blue Christmas BaubleThis lovely blue ornament is ideal for honouring a child’s first Christmas and also available in pink and unisex red.

It is finished with a ribbon loop that makes it simple to display proudly on your tree and has been beautifully hand painted with an adorable polar bear, penguin, and snowman illustration.

You’ll be blessed with baubles that all don’t look the same as you hang them up to your tree using the ribbon loops to celebrate the festive season.