How to start a plumbing business

To start any business, you need enough time, money and skill. The exact requirements depend on the industry you are diving into. A plumbing business can establish a steady income and loyal pool of customers. You need to put in the work to develop your skills and expand your knowledge. You will need some funding to get the ball rolling and a few initial customers. A plumbing business is a fantastic business venture that can support you for years to come.

Follow this quick guide to start a plumbing business.

Get certified

First up, you need to get your education and learn all about maths, science and technology. While you don’t need a university degree, you do need to pass your high school qualifications. Once you have completed school, you can access vocational training programs to build your practical skills.

Find an apprenticeship

An apprenticeship allows you to work with professional plumbers and gain on the job training. You can learn how to behave in the workplace and seek advice from your superiors. You can learn an enormous amount of skill and knowledge from your colleagues in an apprenticeship program.

Choose a speciality

You can either offer all kinds of services or specialise in one type of plumbing. You could be a residential plumber and fix pipes and drains. Or you could look into sewage inspection and commercial plumbing. There are plenty of specialities available. Try your hand at a few different types of plumbing to find what you enjoy.

Invest in equipment

You need equipment to start your business. Your collection of tools largely depends on your speciality. You need pipes, fittings, and basic power tools. Invest in the staple items, like a Milwaukee drill, and go from there.

You will also need a vehicle to get around in. You need to transport your equipment from job to job. A van or truck may be more practical than a car.

Register your business

You need to register your business with the UK government and comply with all the regulations. You need to understand taxes and how to manage payroll if you have any employees. There is a lot to learn as a new business owner, and it’s important to get it right. Do your research online, and ask for help if you don’t understand something.

Start an online presence

You need customers, and social media is a fantastic way to get them. Build an online identity for your brand and start a profile on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. You should also work on your Google My Business listing and ask former clients to leave a review.

Take the next step with your plumbing career, and launch your own business.