How to Prepare for a Move Back in With Family

Are you moving back home with your family? This is something that most people do at some point in their life and there are many reasons why this might be. While it can be nice to spend quality time with your parents, it can also be a challenge, especially if you have become used to your own space. This article will offer advice on how you can prepare for this transition.

living at home in adulthood

Why People Move Back

There are many reasons why people might move back into the family home. This could be a student finishing university and moving back to find work, it could be someone having renovation work done on their home or perhaps you have had a break-up and/or fallen on hard times with the cost of living crisis. No matter the reason, there is no shame in it and these days many people live at the family home until later in life.

So, how can you prepare?

Downsize & Pack

First, you want to downsize and pack up to move items back home. Space could be limited, so you may need to get rid of a few items or perhaps put things into storage for the time being. If you are returning home from overseas then you can use an international removal firm to ship your possessions.

Establish Logistics

It is a good idea to discuss the logistics of the move with your family before returning home. This will include things like what room you will use, where you will park and what key you will use.

Talk About Money

You also want to get the awkward conversation about money out of the way early on. You should agree on how much rent you will pay, if you will contribute to the food shopping or do your own and any other costs that you will need to cover.

paying rent to parents

Spend Time Together

You should also try to spend quality time together when you move back. Moving home can be tough, but when you use it as a chance to reconnect, you can turn it into a positive experience.

Establish Rules

It is a good idea to discuss rules and routines when moving back home as you want to show respect but still maintain your independence. You should abide by the rules that your parents have and discuss things like food shopping, dinner time, having friends over etc.

Create a Plan

It is also helpful to have a plan in place so that you can view this as a temporary arrangement. It can be nice to spend quality time together, but it is likely that everyone will be hoping that it is only a temporary arrangement so you want to think about what your next move is and start to take action ASAP.

Moving back home with the family is something that many people have to do for one reason or another and this post should help you to prepare.