How to Light Your Home: Interior Lighting Ideas

Lighting is an area that people often struggle with when it comes to interior design. Lighting can also play a major role in interior design by creating atmosphere, adding style and giving homes a professionally-designed look and feel. Of course, lighting is also important from a practical standpoint! This post will look at the main rooms of the house and offer lighting tips to help you to improve the lighting throughout your home.

The Living Room

The living room is where you spend a lot of time and you will want it to be a comfortable, welcoming and stylish space. It is also somewhere that you will do many activities, such as watching TV, socializing and reading. Therefore, this is a space where you will want to use different layers of light. You should try combining table lamps, ceiling lights and pendant lighting on the walls to provide different layers and for functionality.

kitchen lighting


The kitchen is a space where visibility is key. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have strong ambient lighting – this is general lighting that usually comes from ceiling lights. It is also an area that can benefit from natural light, so you want to maximize natural light in this space if possible.

The Bedroom

The bedroom can be tricky because you want to create a warm, cosy feel that will make it easy to sleep but you also need bright lighting so that you can get ready in the morning. A good solution is to use dimmable lighting in the bedroom, which will give you complete control over the lighting. You can also use lamps for task lighting, which could include putting on makeup or reading at night. Crucially, make sure that any light that you use is not too harsh when lying in bed.

bedroom lighting

Additional Areas

There are then other areas of the home to consider, such as the bathrooms and hallways. The bathroom, in particular, you want to have functional lighting so ambient lighting is key. You could then create a more stylish space with wall lighting and lamps if you want. For areas like hallways, options such as chandeliers and spotlights can work well. You do not want it to be too dark when trying to walk around the house, but you can also add some style with the lighting fixtures that you use.

This post should help you to improve the lighting in each area of the home. It can be challenging and you need to consider how you use each area of the home, but when you get the lighting right, it can make all the difference and give your home a professionally-designed feel. As every home is different, it is often a case of experimenting with different layers of light in each space to find the right balance.