Healthy Ways To Use Emergency Food Services In Oxfordshire

As the cost of living crisis worsens, Oxford-based nonprofit Good Food Oxfordshire has today released two videos to destigmatise the use of emergency food services and share the realities for people living with food insecurity in the county.

In the videos, two Oxfordshire residents share their stories of experiencing food insecurity in hopes they might encourage other people who are struggling to reach out for help.

“I was so embarrassed,” says mum-of-two Victoria. “I was worried that people would think I didn’t look like somebody who needed help… Would people think I was lying?”

A sudden change in circumstances meant Victoria and her family were unable to afford to buy food. As more people find themselves in this situation due to the cost of living crisis, Victoria wants them to know help is available here in Oxfordshire.

“It is sometimes hard to step out and ask for help,” she says. “But it’s out there, and it can make a huge difference.”

Victoria and Nancy share their stories in videos released today by Good Food Oxfordshire, an organisation with a vision to see everyone in Oxfordshire enjoying the healthy and sustainable food that they need every day. The videos were created by Oxford-based communications agency Stone Barrell.

As well as sharing their personal experiences and their advice for those who may also be struggling in the current climate, in the five-minute videos, Victoria and Nancy explain what they would like people who have never experienced food insecurity to understand about what it’s like.

“Being in this kind of situation and having concerns about food, you feel really lonely,” says Nancy. “It feels really stressful… you’re constantly hungry, and constantly scared.”

You can hear Nancy and Victoria’s stories at