Faroe Islands – Holiday in the Lap of Nature in Its Original Form

Have you had enough of all these viral and famous destinations where everybody goes and spams your Instagram feed? Do you want to travel to someplace alternative and be one with nature? Look no further as we have the perfect destination for you. Faroe islands. This is how you can have a holiday in the lap of nature in its original form.

The Faroe Islands are a remote and stunning destination for nature lovers who appreciate unspoiled landscapes, long “raw” coastlines, and unique wildlife. In this article we are talking about some nature-oriented activities during your stay in Faroe Islands.

First things first. Faroe Islands, being, well, islands, are accessible by boat or by plane. If you want to fly your way there, book your airplane tickets to Vagar Floghavn airport as it’s the only airport in the islands. When you do that, you probably need a way to travel from the airport around the islands. For this reason you’ll need a reliable private airport taxi and this is where the folks of AtoB Transfer come into play as they provide the best Faroe Islands airport taxi services in town, and at the best rates, no less.

Having established that, let’s see what a holiday in the lap of nature in Faroes Islands has to offer!

Traelanipan Cliff And Sorvagsvatn Lake
Traelanipan Cliff And Sorvagsvatn Lake


The Faroe Islands offer a plethora of hiking trails that take you through rugged terrain, along cliffs, and to picturesque fjords. One of the most popular hikes include the Sørvágsvatn to Leitisvatn hike, known for its optical illusion which is even more fascinating because it appears naturally (pun intended).

Lake Sørvágsvatn has been dubbed as “The lake above the ocean”. More specifically, if you see it from a particular angle, it functions as an optical illusion, which means you think that the lake lies hundreds of meters directly above the ocean.


This is an excellent way to explore Faroe Islands. Just think what you are able to see from the saddle of your bike while bicycling through roads, mountains, and valleys. And don’t worry, the Faroe Islands’ infrastructure is excellent which combined with the low volume traffic, makes bicycling an extremely pleasurable experience!

You can either have your own bicycling equipment or rent a bike (and the equipment) from local bike shops. In these shops you can find E-bikes, gravel/hybrid bikes, road bikes, and of course, mountain bikes. Just keep in mind to always wear a helmet, equip a ringing bell, and wear a white reflector on you, and yellow reflectors on the pedals and wheels, so you are visible!

wild horses roaming on Faroe Islands
Wild horses roaming in the the Faroe Islands

Horse Riding

This is our favourite section. Not only because it’s about these magnificent animals but because of what they represent. The Faroese horses, which by the way, are called føroyska rossið, have been running free in this land for over a thousand years. In fact, DNA analysis has proved that this local horse breed is unique, therefore, it is not found anywhere else in the world! A-mazing!

There are several local stables, where you can easily get using AtoB airport transfer, that provide horse riding tour services around the capital, so if you want to have a unique story to tell when you get back home, make sure to find one!

Bird Watching

Imagine thousands and thousands of puffins flying right over your head. A sea of black and white creating wave after wave of the grey-blue sky. You are going to be amazed by the sheer numbers of these birds after coming here by airport transfer.

Generally, there are about 300 bird species in Faroe Islands 50 of which regularly breed there and another 60 are regular visitors. Birdwatching is, of course, seasonal, with summer being the high peak. These islands are also home to gannets, guillemots, and other seabirds that nest on the cliffs of the coastal areas. You should also visit the Mykines Island which is famous for its puffin colonies. So, take your binoculars out, polish them a bit, and prepare to be amazed with the local “flying community”. 

Atlantic Puffin
The Atlantic Puffin

Fjord Exploration

Funningsfjørður is one of the deepest fjords you can find in the Faroe Islands and more specifically on Eysturoy Island. The fjord is surrounded by steep mountains and can be easily accessed by road.

All you have to do is book an AtoB airport transfer and drive on the fjord’s east side towards the traditional village Elduvík. This is a good opportunity to both enjoy the coastal road and visit a traditional settlement. Should you take the west side of the road, you’ll reach another traditional village called Funningur which lies at the foot of Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands. In this village you can find a lovely black wooden church which sits next to the waterfront with views of the fjord.

And there you have it! This is how you can have the best holidays in the lap of nature while visiting the Faroe Islands. This is a unique opportunity to reserve an AtoB airport taxi to go somewhere and try something different and shake things up, so keep that in mind. After this vacation, you will surely return home to a different person!