3 tips for choosing an eye-catching packaging for your spirits

Bottles of popular global whiskey brands

In the alcohol industry, good-quality and well-designed packaging can make the difference between an excellent product and an average one. By carefully choosing a package and taking care of the branding, you can make your products stand out from the ones of your competitors and stick in your customer’s minds.

The best packaging you can select for your spirits

Interpreting in the best way the identity of a product through the right choice of packaging it is often not only possible, but the right approach for your go-to market strategy: in fact, the glass bottle plays an especially significant role in the purchase of a spirit.

When a customer is in the messy middle in front of the supermarket shelves with alcohol bottles, it usually happens that an eye-catching packaging can help its decision to buy a spirit rather than another one. The high quality glass packaging characterised by handcrafted design and an evident attention to details can express all the personality and the spirit of the brand, inspiring the end customer on its purchase.

Bottles of popular global whiskey brands
Bottles of popular global whiskey brands

If we look at the spirit bottles, we can easily assume that the shape, the colour, and the size must always meet the needs of a good branding strategy. To provide the best packaging to a fine spirit – for example, a fine aged whiskey – you should consider an elegant bottle that can take the wraps off the uniqueness of your product.

As you can easily figure out, there are indeed many types of bottles you can choose from to improve the appearance of a spirit drink. A “Botero-style” bottle, a particular glass container with a carboy inspired shape and notable finish can certainly distinguish a product by an elegant and eye-catching appearance.

As an alternative to this choice, you can also pick some more unusual bottle shapes for your product to make it stick in the mind of the customer that will match it with your brand. Packaging garnished on its surface with raised lines can assure a modern and unique look to a whiskey, helping you to propose it to a target that is usually interested in discovering new products available on the market.

A square-style bottle (known also as French square bottle) with its broad shoulder conveys not only elegance, but authority too. Thanks to this kind packaging – that is the result of a fine workmanship – you can propose your whiskey as an even more notable spirit on the market.

These are just some examples of how you can take advantage of a well-designed packaging, bringing to your customers a better message about the quality of your product, a feature that can help you to make it stand out as an exclusive spirit.

bottle types
Bottle shape can ensure your product stands out

A neck label to create your own unique style for your bottles

It is well known that details can make the difference when it comes to distinguishing a product from another. Placing a special label on the neck of a bottle of spirit can be a real game changer if you are looking for something that highlights the uniqueness of your product. This detail can indeed strengthen your brand awareness, but the label is also useful when you need to infuse an additional message about your product, but you don’t want to “clutter” the label panel of your bottle.

For example, if your brand is already known on the market because of its wide range of spirits, you could use a label on the neck of the bottle to highlight the product line it belongs to. As an alternative to this solution, you could also use the label panel of your bottle to add some useful tips on how-to enjoy your spirit in the best way. One way or the other, following this choice will affect the style of your product making it stand out from the other bottles that a customer can find on the alcohol beverages shelves of a supermarket.

Please bear in mind also that colours always make a difference. For your label, you could pick a shade that is eye-catching. This will turn a shopper who is looking for a new spirit into a buyer that wants to taste your product, as the customer can perceive your product as a good-quality one at first glance.

pouring whiskey
Cork bottle stops give an elegance to the final product

A great and unmistakable closure for your spirit bottle

Another way to catch the attention of your potential customers is choosing a unique closure for the bottle of your spirit. With a distinctive closure, you can emphasise the fact that you sealed in a well-designed bottle the uniqueness of your spirit.

You should consider that choosing a unique cap for your bottle can help the customer distinguish products, especially if your spirit looks the same as another one. Do not forget to consider all these tips when you must make your product stand out from the others: a good-quality packaging will help you in promoting your brand.